2017: Aileen Maranan

By March 15, 2018Past Scholar

The award was made on Monday, June 12, 2017 at Torrance Memorial Hospital in the presence of Aileen’s family, Towne Park teammates of her father, and client managers. Towne Park Regional, District and local leaders from throughout the Western Group also attended the event.

Presenting the award as a representative of The Foundation’s board was Towne Park Senior Vice President, Scott Buttz. “Among so many extremely deserving and qualified applicants, Aileen clearly models the values, leadership example, and potential envisioned by Bob Valentine and The Foundation. It was an absolute honor and privilege to present the Maranan family with this incredible scholarship award. Aileen’s future shines so bright,” said Scott.

Aileen plans to attend the University of California to pursue a degree in physiology. Physiology has been a passion of hers as she knows personally how scary hospitals can be as a child. Aileen said, “It is important to make children feel as comfortable as possible in a hospital and I want to help with that.”

Aileen was very highly recommended by leaders and teachers that she has worked with in the past. However, the biggest recommendation came from her brother who said, “Aileen is special and I knew that since she was a little girl. It became more obvious to me later in her life because whenever she did things, she seemed to become the leader of the group. I remember when she joined the California Academy of Mathematics and Science Key Club. She quickly moved up from a member to the eventual president of the group.” Aileen’s application was overflowing with high assessment scores, extracurricular activities and community service and we know her future will be even more remarkable!

Raymundo, father of winner Aileen, has been with Towne Park since August 2014. When asked what this meant to him he touched everyone in the room: “My wife and I wanted to provide the best education to our children but it is hard, very hard. With two kids…providing a college education to them is almost impossible, but we agreed to do everything we could to help them succeed. Valet parking and serving others is a passion of mine. It is what I enjoy doing for work. To receive this award and have the ability help provide for my children is very important to me.”